Symposium Details

Strength, Unity, Power: Contemporary Practices in Native Arts is a free event hosted by the History of Art & Architecture department’s second year graduate students.

Symposium Date & Time: 15 September, 4pm-6pm, Location: ILC S240

Reception Date & Time: 15 September, 6pm-7pm, Location: Campus Center 165


Funding and support for this event is provided by:

UMass-Amherst Department of Art Visiting Artist Committee
UMass-Amherst College of Humanities and Fine Arts
UMass-Amherst Graduate School
UMass-Amherst Department of the History of Art and Architecture
Mount Holyoke College Art History Department
Amherst College Art and the History of Art Department
UMass-Amherst Department of Anthropology
Smith College Department of Art
Smith College Department of History

This program was made possible (in part) by a grant from the UMass Arts Council.